A zinger is a witty remark, or something that is lively, interesting, amusing, or impressive. [AM, INFORMAL]

...a zinger, a one-liner that was just too good to pass up...

I thought it looked like a zinger.

English dictionary. 2008.

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  • Zinger — may refer to:*The Zinger Burger, a type of burger made by Kentucky Fried Chicken. *Dwayne Zinger, a Canadian ice hockey player *Zingers, an American snack cake made by both Dolly Madison and Hostess *Zinger, flying enemies present in the Donkey… …   Wikipedia

  • zinger — (n.) cruel quip, 1970, from ZING (Cf. zing) + ER (Cf. er) (1). Earlier it was baseball slang for fastball (by 1957) …   Etymology dictionary

  • zinger — [ziŋ′ər] n. 1. Slang a clever, witty remark or rejoinder 2. a sharp, caustic, usually critical remark …   English World dictionary

  • zinger — 1. n. something nice or fine. □ That set of wheels is a real zinger. □ What a zinger of a hat! 2. n. a stinging remark. □ She got off another zinger at her brother. □ …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • zinger — UK [ˈzɪŋə(r)] / US [ˈzɪŋər] noun [countable] Word forms zinger : singular zinger plural zingers mainly American informal 1) a quick and clever remark that makes someone who you are arguing with feel embarrassed a real zinger of a reply 2) a… …   English dictionary

  • zinger — noun a) Something that zings. The pitcher threw a real zinger and struck him out. b) A very rapidly moving object, especially one that is thrown. My little niece let fly with the zinger that my sister was pregnant again. Syn: one liner, snappy… …   Wiktionary

  • zinger — /zing euhr/, n. Informal. 1. a quick, witty, or pointed remark or retort: During the debate she made a couple of zingers that deflated the opposition. 2. a surprise, shock, or piece of electrifying news: The President s resignation was a real… …   Universalium

  • zinger — n Something that gets your attention; a sharp punch line. Aunt Mavis can always come up with a zinger for anything you say. 1950s …   Historical dictionary of American slang

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  • zinger — /ˈzɪŋə/ (say zinguh) noun Colloquial something spectacular: her performance was a real zinger …  

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